Clock | Desk | White

 95,00 inc. VAT

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and is always busy, busy, busy. At home you can relax for a while and a quick glance at these clocks is enough not to lose track of time completely. The hollow shapes of the timepieces, designed in collaboration with Femke Roefs, are inspired by the old plates that used to hang on the mantelpiece in lots of Dutch homes. There are three different models: a large, a small and a standing clock. The porcelain clocks come in different shades, have a copper-colored clock-hand and can be combined with a second clock-hand in a color of your choice. The numbers are stamped by hand and you will see that every clock has something unique, being stamped slightly differently. The clocks are equipped with a silent Quartz clockwork that runs on an AA battery (not included) and can be hung with a simple nail or screw.